Summer Staff:

CrossView hires several Summer Staff each year. In addition to the pay listed below, housing and meals are included.

  • Multi-purpose Staff (6 positions). These Staff  members will live in the Staff Cabins, run the activities, do the daily  chores, etc. Included in these positions will be the lifeguards, praise  and worship leader(s), ropes course lead facilitator, safety officer,  paintball supervisor, etc. Pay is $50/day.
  • Staff Counselors (4 positions, 2 male & 2 female). These  Staff members will receive special training to deal with difficult kids,  live in the Camper Cabins, and team up with a Volunteer Counselor to  work with a team of 9 Campers each week. Pay is $50/day.
  • Cook(s) (1 or 2 positions, depending on desired schedule). Pay is $7.25/hour.
  • Office Assistant: (Returning Staff Recommended. The office assistant will do various jobs such as, Process incoming and outgoing material donations, Organize/store/Log and manage clothes/supply inventory, Office chores, Check, process & distribute mail, Food pickup/delivery/stocking, Manage medical supply Inventory/Storage/Organization, Stock all first aid kits, Weekly slide show, Grade SAPT tests, Medicine intake, distribution, and log, Incident Reports, Baptism letters, and decorating for banquet. Pay is returning staff wages $55/day.

Summer Staff Video


Brochure Summer Staff (pdf)


Employee Application (pdf)